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The Whistling Dragon


the whistling dragon letterpress poetry pamphlet from hestan isle press















Three hundred horses galloping,

Three hundred helmeted men,

Led by a flying Dragon

An open-mouthed whistling Dragon.


The poem describes the use of the Draconarius in a Roman battle against the Britons.

The Draconarius is a decorated Dragon's head mounted on a long pole, carried into battle by a soldier on foot or on horseback. Inside the head are reeds, which, when turned into the wind, whistle or scream.

Frances Grant wrote this very exciting poem and also provided the illustration of a Roman horseman carrying his “Dragon” into battle on the front cover.

The poetry pamphlet is letterpress printed in Perpetua, in a limited edition of only twenty copies.

105mm x 150mm. 13 pages glued into card covers.



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