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Four o'clock in the Morning

four o'clock in the morning. amusing mystery tale by peter grant


4 a.m.

Most of the great City sleeps, but Cabmen, wakeful as ever, cluster in the pool of light thrown by the Teastand.

Written, and letterpress printed by Peter Grant, the book is illustrated by Frances Grant.It is an amusing mystery tale which takes place around a tea-stall in London. The stall is frequented mainly by Cabbies. When Sam, one of the Cabbies disappears, is it alien abduction, just a ghost story, or just a case of amnesia?

This version of the story is bound as a miniature book, bound in white bookcloth with a cover illustration in two colours. Limited edition of 30 signed and numbered copies.
Size 65 x 72 mm.      23 pages


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