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First Thought

detail of first thought by the hestan isle press


‘I am the thought that dwells in the light, the movement that dwells in the All.’


In 1945 a cache of thirteen papyrus scrolls were discovered in a cave near Nag-hammadi in Egypt. Written on the papyrus were texts thought to be some 1600 years old. Mainly sacred Gnostic texts they included the hitherto unknown “Gospel of Thomas”, and this poem “Protennoia” or “First Thought” is one of the texts discovered. The poem is spoken in the voice of a female Deity.

The text pages, letterpress printed in two colours, are assembled so that they “pop-out” as the pages are turned.


Size 105 x 120 mm. Letterpress printed in two colours. 14 pages glued into a white cover of Khadi paper.

Limited edition of 50 copies.  






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