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Fishermen's Tale


On the tiny island of Tinos in the Cyclades stands the Church of the Virgin Mary, or Panagia Evangelistra.


The Church is associated with miracles performed by or through the Virgin Mary.


One such story concerns a group of Fishermen, who, soon after setting off on a fishing trip around the islands, hit a reef or submerged rock. Their ship is holed and begins to sink.

They huddle together on the deck and pray to the Virgin.

Miraculously the ship stops taking on water, and they manage to get the vessel safely to shore with no loss of life.

When the boat is hauled out of the water, they find to their amazement that a very large fish is wedged in the hole, and it is this which has prevented the boat from sinking.












                                                                          Votive silver boat


In gratitude for this miracle which has saved their lives, they offer a votive silver boat to the church – where it still hangs surrounded by other similar gifts of thanks for similar miracles.


We are planning to make a small pamphlet of this story.


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