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The Road to Land's End

the road to land's end - the a30. anecdotes of 21 towns and villages between london and the end of cornwall.


It took us almost ten years of looking in old Gazeteers, books of Folk-lore, and travel books to find the 21 anecdotes surrounding some of the towns and villages on the old A30, the Great South-west road which runs from London to the very tip of Cornwall, “The Road to Land’s End”

Each place mentioned – which include Basingstoke, Salisbury, East Coker, Cricket St. Thomas, Dozmary Pool, Indian Queens, Temple, Summercourt etc., has a story or poem or legend associated with it.

The text is letterpress printed and the book is illustrated with small silk-screen prints printed in ochre, by Peter Grant.

The cover decoration is by Frances Grant. Limited edition of 30 copies. Size 150 x 110 mm.    48 pages casebound in burgundy leathercloth.  


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